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nothing can stop us now

i gave boys another chance recently and wow, i totally regret it. so like i said in the last post, after i'd given up on a guy in my class in the beginning of the semester only now did he get the balls to try and even talk to me (over FB of all things). spent only 2 or 3 outings together. the first couple were fine with lots of chatting and coffee which led me to believe "hey, this guy actually has a lot of things in common with me. wow!" which slowly turned into "oh my gods he's way too affectionate really fast." i mean, i'm used to being like that but there's a degree of affection that i can deal with. the degree this was was insane! you don't tell someone that you had to restrain yourself some holding them or holding their hand etc etc. it's just makes me worry.

along the same lines of all that he had the same name as my last 2yr relationship which i wasn't keen on from the get go. every "Mike" i have EV-ER been with has always been a complete mistake. to this day i only know one or two completely sane Mike's and i <3 them to death. but man...when they're nutty or have issues it's HARDXCORE. this guy had the same "all i do is work, school, and i have no friends." but on top of this complex he blamed not having friends on himself and not being surprised that people "don't like him" and "he doesn't blame them." i mean come on, what kind of fucking attitude is that. if you're trying to go out with someone like me you need to A. have fucking balls 2. be CONFIDENT and c. just be fun. this guy was a COMPLETE downer. shit man.

needless to say i'm glad to be rid of that and i'm glad that things didn't progress very far before nipping it in the bud.

on the other side of things i should only need 2 more classes to complete an Art AA. YAY! i'll just do all the final finding out of things closer to next semester. trying to work on getting a part time job now espcially since i've racked up a bill on my credit card...yet again. boo. i can't stand living at home therefore i go out and spend money with Jess and Sam. eesh.

for the first time in almost 6yrs i saw Lexi pee whilst going dookie. it was a momentous event that i thought would never occur.

on the health side of things the thing i had been worried about will happen. i'm going to have a hunk of flesh removed by electro caudery on February 5th of next year. i'm hoping that it won't be as horrible as i'm thinking it will and from the nurses i've talked to it really isn't that bad. so i'm trying to be optimistic.

i'm still getting texts from Kraut from time to time...i've only recently actually answered one after about 2 months of not answering at all. i dunno what to make of it since he'd text and i'd never answer. what was the motivation to keep texting? hell if i know.

today i also worked on a painting project for my good buddy Mike Shirley! i hope he likes it...i spent a good many hours putting the thing together and it's ADORABLE. i can't wait to give it to him :3

at this point i'm glad to have Lexi, i'm happy not to have to deal with men, and all i wanna do is art and watch Doctor Who. done.



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