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AFI at the Phoenix was completely and utterly EPIC! I had a good time despite the fact that I had only rested up the day before only to feel twice as worse the day after hahaha. Being sick before a show sucks balls. Met up with Curt and said hi to Bella and saw Adam's gf, lil Asian TWIG wow. I thought I saw Lisa (MyFire) but didn't bother saying hi. Oh well. I had an excuse!

Hearing such a good mix of most of the albums was great. From "Love is a many splendoured thing" to "on the arrow" and "6 to 8" with "Wester" it was a brilliant night. I'm glad that I could bring Samantha out with to experience a small and very intimate show. I'm just sad that the crowd wasn't better. I mean it was all right....but not nearly as nuts as at Slims in 06.

Davey had a nice lil conversation about a dead cockroach which later we found out was a fake one someone had skatterd a BUNCH around the place. It was great though hearing him go on about how they didn't kill it and "it's on it's back, it died of natural causes." hahahaaha. He drank some coconut juice that from afar looked like Silk. Very interesting. The show got NUTS for "Days of the Phoenix" and I can't wait to enjoy the next show at the Catalyst and have my hockey date with Sharkie only days later.

I'm currently watching my second hockey game today, I think I'm getting ready for playoffs!!! Watched the AHL All Star game and USA lost in the shoot out to Canada. Oh well, good try boys! Our Sharks prospects were lookin' good out there with Rismiller though!

On a last thought this just shot into my brain not only hours ago. I was so much better off before him. I had a job, I was going to school, things were working out well. I was paying off bills and would've bought a bike and moved out. Since I met him I lost my job, got a horrible one, quit my job, moved back home, went back to school, and am still unemployed. Life sucks.




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