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where are the five flowers?

oh how i loved the craziness of Decemberunderground. All of the insane random websites, calling strange phone numbers, and eventually meeting somewhere random to get passes to an AFI gig...how I wished I'd gotten one of those for free. Not that I didn't get into a show, but those little passes were darn pretty. I was rereading someone's blog about the whole ordeal and some of the suspense from those times slowly filled my heart. Oh how I yearn for that anxious feeling again.

I was going to make this a horribly depressing post...but the excitement from that blog just kind of dampened that to an extent. It's funny how I even take the time to post on here when I know that no one will read this, it matters to no one, and it's just purely for my own form of feeling fulfilled in some vain way.

Tomorrow I go in to have some of my flesh to be removed with cauldery. Joy. Hopefully it won't be that bad at all and I'll be able to do something more than just sit around all day. We will just have to wait and see.

To add onto the subject line of this post I have decided what to do with the start of my sleeve. I had already decided on adding flowers for both of my Grandmothers. The first was an orchid for my G'ma Yamaji (obviously my mother's side) and the other I thought of doing a bleeding heart for my G'ma Nolen. At this point I thought "what if I just did the five flowers." Considering that I could also use one of those for my other G'ma instead of the bleeding heart. So this would mean the grouping would have a rose, tulip, iris, lily, and a daisy. My G'ma Nolen loved iris' so that would be the replacement. Last I would just have to decide what I wanted them to look like. I'm thinking either bright and vibrant with remnants of snow and ice or ALL snow and ice colour scheme. I won't have the money for this for a long while so I have time to sketch and think it out.

Last thing on my list quickly.

Make appt to put in paper work for my AA
Get a job
buy PS3 immediately when Federal Tax return arrives
send in my State taxes



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Feb. 6th, 2010 01:59 am (UTC)
Glad youre think went okay today. Im always here for you buddy.
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